UI/UX Designer & Developer

  • Develop and design software applications including websites, mobile & desktop apps, and other technology-based systems
  • Has spearheaded work on innovative projects, such as—Augmented & Virtual Reality, Metaverse, virtual conference spaces, etc.
  • Lead user-centered and user experience design activities, such as user research, prototype & mockup creation, design ideation, comparative analysis, and usability testing for end-users
  • Has worked on projects that belong to persons of repute like Sir J. Fraser Stoddart—Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the design and synthesis of molecular machines; Teresa Woodruff—Holder of 10 U.S. Patents and the 2010 Presidential Awards recipient for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering; Dr. Luís Amaral—physicist recognized for his research in complex systems and complex networks; Dan Brown—holder of over 30 U.S. utility patents, inventor of Loggerhead – the world’s greatest wrench tools, and has received numerous international design and innovation awards; Buffett Institute for Global Affairs (Roberta Buffett)—philanthropist and Warren Buffett’s sister; and others.

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