Hello, I’m Gerard.

I’m a web developer turned entrepreneur, driven by a passion for innovation and technology. I’m currently based in Chicago.

About me

In the field of Human-Computer Interaction, I hold an MS degree from DePaul University, with a specific focus on user experience (UX). My most recent professional engagement involved serving as a UI/UX designer & developer within Northwestern University‘s IT—Media & Technology Innovation department.

Earlier in my journey, I held the position of a front-end designer & developer at DePaul University’s Innovation Development Lab. Simultaneously, I contributed significantly to the advancement of DePaul University’s library Digital Services department and the DePaul University’s Blue Demon’s Athletics Communications team. Beyond these roles, I’ve had the privilege of working in vibrant settings like Dubai (UAE) and Cebu (Philippines), fostering a well-rounded global perspective within my professional trajectory.

Check out my 2018 portfolio.